About us

Daniela Ubenova Publishing is a leading Bulgarian publishing house, developing innovative and high-quality educational books, textbooks, classroom materials, and pedagogic and didactic resources for educators, directors of educational establishments, parents, academics and researchers. Our products, both for children and adults, are intended for use in kindergartens, schools, universities and colleges, research bodies and at home.

Daniela Ubenova Publishing was founded in 1991 by Daniela Bilanska, an expert in pedagogy and philosophy with experience in teaching and editing. She established the golden principles we apply to all our publications to date: originality and functionality. Our authors are leading writers, scientists, university professors and methodologists. They incorporate the latest research and most recent pedagogic approaches in the textbooks and educational materials they create, in an engaging, creative and age-appropriate way. Daniela Ubenova Publishing cooperates with the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, and publishes educational products in accordance with the latest requirements of the national curricula. It has published more than 250 titles to date, including textbooks, educational books and classroom materials, methodological guides for educators, didactic materials, and scholarly titles in the area of pedagogy and didactics.

Literacy is a fundamental step in education. Nowadays, functional literacy is a necessary factor for success and prosperity in life. Acknowledging this, we have been collaborating with educators, managers of educational institutions, students and parents for the past 24 years to develop and establish the most successful system for learning Bulgarian language and literature, yielding the highest results in functional literacy in Bulgaria.

Our team consists of professional pedagogues, experts in didactics, science editors, copy editors and proofreaders, production editors, illustrators, designers, and marketing specialists. We work with pleasure because we:

  • Inspire children to read and write
  • Facilitate teachers in their work
  • Encourage parents to have fun with their children while educating them
  • Support librarians in creating an active connection with their readers
  • Provide valuable research and analysis to academics and researchers