How to order

Individual customers

We offer a 5% discount for each online order between 50-100 BGN (Bulgarian leva) placed by an individual customer (natural person). The discount is applied automatically before the completion of the order. For online orders above 100 BGN, the discount is 10%.­


Educational institutions in Bulgaria

  • We offer a 22% discount and a free delivery for bulk orders from educational institutions in Bulgaria.
  • Here you can find order forms and preferential price lists for textbooks and supplementary resources in accordance with Ministerial Decree №104/10.05.2003.


Bulgarian educational institutions abroad

  • We offer a 22% discount  to Bulgarian schools abroad.
  • Here you can find order forms and preferential price lists for textbooks and supplementary resources in accordance with Ministerial Decree №334/2011.



  • Preferential order – between 50-100 BGN – free delivery
  • Special order – between 100-500 BGN – free delivery + 22% discount
  • Premium order – above 500 BGN – free delivery + 25% discount


Wholesalers and retailers

We offer a 30% discount to wholesalers and retailers who order via our online bookstore. In case of substantial orders or a large turnover in previous years, please contact us to negotiate specific trade terms.


Promotions and discounts when shopping online

The registered regular customers of our online bookstore will get discount codes as well as the opportunity to receive free books and resources from Daniela Ubenova Publishing.


Application of discounts when shopping online

The discount for orders placed by educational institutions, libraries, wholesalers and retailers (legal persons) can be applied only if the recipient has registered in advance as belonging to the respective category.

If you are an individual customer, you can order without being registered. However, you can receive promotions and discounts only if you have a registration.


How to place an order

Our catalogue can be browsed by subject, age / class, type of resource (for educational literature) and genre. Each book can be ordered with a click on the “Add to shopping bag” button. The price you see is the retail price. To individual customers, we offer a 5% discount for orders above 50 BGN and a 10% discount for orders above 100 BGN. When you make your selection of books, click on your Shopping Bag and you will see a page with details about the selected titles, their quantities and the discount you will get. Here you can easily change your order.

After clicking on the Proceed to Checkout button, you will be redirected to a page where you can identify yourself if you already have an account or register as a new customer. You can order without being registered, but in that case you miss the opportunity to receive promotions and discounts in the future. If you would like to order as an educational institution, a library, a wholesaler or a retailer, you can get the respective discount only if you are registered.

Then you will be asked to fill in the address for the delivery, your contact details, and the details for the invoice, in case you would like to receive one. You can add notes to your order if you would like to. Finally, you have to select the delivery and payment method: you can either collect your order and pay in cash at our office, pay at delivery to your address, make a bank transfer or pay online with a debit or a credit card through the eBorika system.

After the order is complete, you will receive an e-mail containing its reference number, a list of all ordered titles, the information you filled in and the total price of the order. You can use the reference number to monitor the delivery of your order.