Годишно тематично разпределение по Информационни технологии за 9. клас

Уважаеми колеги, имаме удоволствието да ви представим годишното тематично разпределение по учебен предмет Информационни технологии за 9. клас по новата учебна програма за 2018/2019 година

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With Bulgaria in my heart

With Bulgaria in my heart is an educational system developed according to the National Bulgarian Language and Literature Curriculum for first, second, third and fourth grade and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science with Decree № 09-1034/19.08.2013. The system is adapted to the shorter horarium of Bulgarian educational institutions abroad. A list with the topics to be covered in class as well as the suggested amount of time to be spent on each of them can be found at the end of each textbook.

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Bulgarian schools abroad

The feeling of carrying Bulgaria in one’s heart, the warmth of the motherland one yearns for, the sense of belonging to a community and the self-confidence this sense creates and nurtures: those are the benefits offered to the Bulgarian children abroad by the centers, schools, local communities and organizations that provide Bulgarian language and culture education.

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On a visit to 'Geo Milev' library in Montana

On February 21, 2013 Daniela Ubenova Publishing visited the ‘Geo Milev’ Regional Library in Montana. In the morning the third and fourth-graders from 7th school “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” participated in a literary panel where Natalia Ognyanova, one of our authors in the sphere of Bulgarian language and literature, entertained them with poems yet to be published and stories from her childhood, and answered the children’s witty questions.

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BRAVO! Bulgarian language workbooks

The new set of workbooks BRAVO! enables students to put to practice their knowledge of Bulgarian language and literature. Natalia Ognyanova, the author of the series, created it upon request by primary teachers. BRAVO! for first, second and third grade is already published and we are currently hard at work to bring to life the BRAVO! workbooks for fourth grade. Stay tuned!

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Discounts for libraries

In its mission to promote reading, preserve the Bulgarian language and culture and contribute to the intellectual development of the Bulgarian people, Daniela Ubenova Publishing works with libraries from all around the country.

We offer libraries and community centers in Bulgaria a strategic partnership to aid the process of renewing their book stocks. In order to assist the effective work in that direction, we provide a list of our products and information about placing orders.

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Launch of the new book by Prof. Dr. Yulian Vuchkov

The launch of Bulgaria: Before, Today and Tomorrow, the new book by the famous Bulgarian critic Prof. Yulian Vuchkov, gathered a significant part of the Bulgarian intellectual elite, including actors, musicians, doctors, jurists, artists, sculptors, journalists, writers and literary critics. The event took place in the Helikon bookstore in Sofia on January 23. Among the attendees were Gen. Prof. Dr. Stoyan Tonev, Prof. Mladen Grigorov, Prof. Peter Deliyski...

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Selected works by Peter Konstantinov in 20 volumes

For the first time in Bulgaria, Daniela Ubenova Publishing published simultaneously 20 volumes containing 24 of the works of the writer Peter Konstantinov, a winner of the Dimitar Dimov Literature Award in 2006. His writing is characterized by a profound interest in the spiritual lives of people throughout different historical periods. The works of Peter Konstantinov have been translated in English, Polish, Russian and Swedish.

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A compass for parents

A compass for parents presents a practical vision for family upbringing, which gives parents the opportunity to adjust their “scholastic compass” in the direction of positive educational influence and prevention of aggressive and problematic behaviour during childhood. The book provides parents with techniques for pedagogical (self-)education and highlights the fact that there are no unsolvable problems and insurmountable obstacles, especially in the area of family upbringing.

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