With Bulgaria in my heart

With Bulgaria in my heart is an educational system developed according to the National Bulgarian Language and Literature Curriculum for first, second, third and fourth grade and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science with Decree № 09-1034/19.08.2013. The system is adapted to the shorter horarium of Bulgarian educational institutions abroad. A list with the topics to be covered in class as well as the suggested amount of time to be spent on each of them can be found at the end of each textbook.

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BRAVO! Bulgarian language workbooks

The new set of workbooks BRAVO! enables students to put to practice their knowledge of Bulgarian language and literature. Natalia Ognyanova, the author of the series, created it upon request by primary teachers. BRAVO! for first, second and third grade is already published and we are currently hard at work to bring to life the BRAVO! workbooks for fourth grade. Stay tuned!

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