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Sixth Directorate: My Truth – Volume 2

Price: BGN 18,00

Author: Lieutenant General Peter Stoyanov

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-954-791-131-4

Pages: 600

Format: 60х90/16

In Sixth Directorate: My Truth Lieutenant General Peter Stoyanov, one of the founders of the Sixth Directorate of State Security and its director for 17 years, reveals documents, names, events and hidden facts.

State Security (1944–1990) and its Sixth Directorate (1967–1990) functioned in the context of the Cold War. On September 9, 1944 only the Labour Party in the Fatherland Front had a clear idea about Bulgaria’s development in the post-war period. In theory the idea was formed as early as 1919–1923 during the discussion of the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat. In 1944 and the years that followed, the leaders of the Labour Party took the very path that led to the October Revolution. One of their first steps was to create their own state security institutions in the face of the National Police, to strengthen them and to use them for the firm establishment of the new government. In the name of “the revolution’s right to protect” they took over the powerful Ministry of Interior Affairs and gradually strengthened their grip on the Ministry of War.

The development of the State Security institutions corresponds to the stages of the state’s general development. The Sixth Directorate occupies a central place in the book. The publication sheds light on its departments’ various courses of action, the appointments and fluid movement of personnel, the party and state management of the secret service, the endless fight with ideological deviation, the corruption within the state and party apparatus, and terrorism.


Lieutenant General Peter Stoyanov

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